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Why the health of the Planet matters


Climate Change and the lack of water
Climate Change and the lack of water, image by Tumisu


We are using and abusing Mother Nature

It closely relates our health and wellbeing to the health of our environment.
I have written a post as everything is connected. You can read it here.


In our history, a lot of things have happened that break up the natural harmony between the planet and humanity. Something probably most people are not aware of. Here you can read about how we lost this harmony.


This is an important article on 7 December 2019. The alarm bells are ringing.

The lack of Oxygen in the Oceans.


This YouTube video is from 13 June 2020. Mr. Vernon Coleman sends a warning and we should listen. Mother Earth provides for all our needs. But we are the problem. The total setup is wrong. There is enough food for all if it were better organized instead of huge mismanagement from the beginning to the end. The tremendous waste of food in our world is a scandal.

With apologies to QUEEN, I will use their phrase “and another one gone, another one is gone, another one bites the dust.” What I am referring to is the fact that another one of Mr. Coleman’s videos has been taken down. It was here, but it is no more, thanks to “Big Brother”. I will try to find a transcript on Mr. Coleman’s website, but if you want to look for it instead, here is his website link. 


The following YouTube is from 2 June 2020. If we want, humans can bring about some impressive changes. This is the story of a lovely project that could be multiplied many times.



This is a lovely YouTube video of 3 May 2019. The words of Sadhguru are so true.



The following article is from the 8th of July 2020. It came on the BBC – Future Planet. and it produces a ray of sunlight. This is positive news. I hope many countries will follow.

The law that could make climate change illegal.


The above article gives hope, but in the meantime, scientists have come with a serious warning, again. When will we wake up? When it is too late? This article is from July 2020 and there is hardly time left.


In my eyes, this is one of those typical situations where the chance is big for something to go wrong. This article was written on July 30, 2020, and it gives me the creeps.

We should not be meddling with these old things. Well, read this article and tell me what you think.


The following article of 11 September 2020 makes one think. The consequences of Hurricane Laura are manifold. It is all related and we are speeding up the process.


There are many things that will be positive for Mother Nature. I came across this article on Facebook and I must say I am impressed and also think it is a lovely idea. Have a look.


The healthier we are in body and mind, the happier our planet will be. Through ignorance time and again in history, they erased valuable information as it did not fit the concept of those in power. I came across this interesting YouTube video that throws some light on our past. I think it is interesting, to say the least. Please keep an open mind.



I found the following video very disturbing. It is from April the 7th, 2019, and rings a huge alarm bell. Are people listening? I hope so.



Here is a video showing some of the long passed and not-so-well-known history of Mother Earth.



Here is an article showing that human inventions are not always good and harm the environment. This time it is the salmon that are badly suffering.


On the following website, you will find an extensive collection of important videos concerning Mother Earth.


This YouTube video is from 19 February 2021. The Great Reset. Bill Gates and farming. Recently Bill Gates became the biggest private landowner. One wonders why. What he is doing to Mother Earth is awful and we will all bear the consequences.



Humans often have crazy ideas but what you can read in the following article really tops it. Meddling with the sun to influence climate change? Why not limit the impact our actions have on climate change? At least Sweden has some sense left and said no to the experiment of Bill Gates.


One tremendous problem for Mother Earth is the plastic pollution that clogs her rivers and oceans. There are people luckily who try to find a solution. Here is a 10-minute video that gives hope.



Photo Source: Pixabay

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