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Our Earth at Night
Our Earth at Night, image by Wikilmages


The old world is no more.

Our world has changed rapidly since the beginning of 2020. Things have happened all at once. Things we never thought were possible. Worldwide collective angst and suddenly everybody stayed confined to their home. I also stayed home for 2 months while Michael did the weekly shopping.

Millions of people lost their jobs. Shops, and businesses might never reopen again, and people are standing in line on the street waiting for a food parcel. The thousands of deaths have shaken families to their core and there was no possibility to say goodbye in the traditional way.

It seems that we have to adapt to new rules and regulations to then somehow go back to a similar life as we had before the disaster struck. Is that true? Do we have to accept what rulers and the authorities tell us?

I have noticed an obvious line is emerging, a plan becomes visible. Do we have a say in this? It does not seem so. Do we really acquiesce without knowing the consequences? Are we told the truth or are we being brainwashed into believing a fake story?

The Silenced Voices will be a growing collection of information which, when seen as a whole, could very well be an eyeopener to many.

On this website will be various categories, and if needed, may be augmented in the future. More things may come to light along the way that will help us understand how far the manipulation of humanity has come.


Would you like to collaborate?

I would like to ask for your collaboration. Should you come across a video, newspaper, or magazine article of which you think fits one of the categories. Do not hesitate to forward it to my email address: fincalaparra1@gmail.com. Please keep one thing in mind. It must be in English as Google frowns on a website having multiple languages.

If you want to write a little introduction to the material you submit, you are welcome. Do you want your name, where you live, etc also, then include it in the text? In case you have a website, I am willing to put that link too, but first I will have a look. I will not publish a website completely unrelated to what my website is about.

Too many YouTube videos have disappeared. Videos that had important information. This is censorship and we should not accept it. We must speak up and make this world a better place than before.



These Voices have been Silenced

Bill Gates


5G, Connections, and Consequences

Your Health and Lifestyle

The Health of the Planet

Alternative Tools and Solutions


This will be a flexible website. I mean it to grow with your help to a place where one can also find information on issues that are being kept hidden or removed from circulation.


Are you interested to read About Me?

I hope to hear from you. It is not possible to leave a comment on this page. Please click on any category and on that post you can leave a comment if you wish and I will do my best to reply within 48 hours.



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