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Dandelion Tee
Dandelion Tee, image by Silviaritia

It is a fact that your lifestyle will influence your health. The cleaner your environment is, the better. The same applies to the food you eat. The closer to nature, the better your health will be. There will be choices you can make for yourself, and some things will be decided by the governing body. That is why it is important to keep an eye on what the authorities are doing. Do they take the health of the population seriously? Could it be that Big Pharma and Big Agriculture come first?


You are responsible for yourself

It is your responsibility to know what you are eating. Read the labels and the moment you cannot pronounce the word and neither know what it means, leave it standing on the shelf of the supermarket. Anything that has labels normally falls in the “not so healthy” or even “unhealthy” category anyhow. Men made foods should be only a small part of your daily food intake, the more you can avoid eating this type of food the better.


The following YouTube video of May 15th, 2020 hits the nail straight on its head. Your immune system is your best ally against illness.



Article of May 10,  2007, by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation on the History of Big Pharma.

The History of the Pharma Cartel


Nowadays people eat too many pills. This makes Big Pharma happy and rich and the population sicker and depending on chemical drugs. Here you can read a post I wrote on this phenomenon some time ago. The threat of the opioid epidemic.


A good article from Natural Health 365 on May 28,  2020.

How food influences your health.


Personally I think that most TED Talks are very good and informative. I have often used a good TED Talk in posts on my 2 other websites to illustrate what the post is about.

This following YouTube TED Talk on 20 September 2016 by Nel Barnard M.D. tells us how important it is to take care of what we eat. Alzheimer’s is an awful condition, you are losing your life while you are still living. People are getting older nowadays, but one wants to remember everything till the end, right? It is not at all difficult to eat the right things and becoming older but with all your faculties intact.



The pandemic has made us adopt unusual and unhealthy habits. We were told to wear a mask.

Humans can live without food for many days. We do need to drink on a regular basis. To be without water longer than 3 days can become dangerous. There is one element we need always, and that is oxygen. This video, from the 24th of July 2020,  explains why wearing a mask does not protect you but can even be dangerous to your health.



More things are coming to light, and we should really be aware of it. In this YouTube of 24 July, 2020 one can read about “The Plan” for the year 2025. Do we accept this? Do we want this? It is time we wake up.

Well, this is embarrassing. YouTube has deleted the video because it goes against their agenda. Go figure…! 

What would we do without “Big Brother” watching over us, making sure we do not get into any dirty little secrets?


Do you know what the problem is with this website? Videos keep disappearing. I have to constantly check if everything is still there. On the other hand, that was to be expected, To be honest, I am not surprised as I kind of anticipated this. It will probably get worse in the future. So please, be understanding if you encounter  “a grey” YouTube video. I will try to replace it as soon as I find one.

The following video was uploaded on 19 April 2020. It is a speech from Ian R. Crane. The Open Mind Conference of 2012. It is rather long, 2 hours, but contains some unusual information. I think it well worth your time.





We are the creators of ourselves. The importance of food for your brain cells. This is a good TED TALK that explains it very well.



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  1. Taetske, thank you for inviting me over to your new website, you’re off to a good start.

    I agree with Dr. Ayyadural and it’s what I’ve been saying for years, your health is your responsibilty and it depends on what you feed your body.
    I don’t particularly fear the Corona virus, not that it can’t be deadly but I depend on my Immune System to defend me against; colds, flus, viruses, and even Cancer.

    I’m over 70 I can’t remember the last time I was sick and I take no prescription medicine. That’s not to say that I don’t have a Primary Care Physician and go for regular checkups, I do. I also have been tested for Covid-19 and for Antibody, and I’m fine.

    I doubt very much I’ll get a Flu Shot this year or a Corona vaccine if it becomes available.

    All the best,

    1. Good Morning Phil,

      Thank you for leaving the first comment on my new website. It is appreciated. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.

      I also belong to the 70 years old group and the same as you I am doing fine. I do not take any chemical medicine, try and have a healthy lifestyle, and eat natural foods. Add some good supplements and all is ok. Living on my organic farm in the south of Spain also helps as being surrounded by nature provides good air in a clean environment.

      The last time I had a flu shot I was a young child and I will not stand in the line to receive a Corona vaccine either.
      Anyhow, let’s stay safe and healthy that is the best we can do.

      Regards, Taetske

  2. Hi Taetske
    I wanted to leave a comment on your about page but your theme doesn’t allow it so I’m leaving it here instead. I just love that photo of you in the garden, it’s so beautiful 💚Thank you for all the engagement you have been making on my posts, much appreciated. I hope I can learn more about vaccines etc 🙂

    1. Good afternoon Deb,

      Thank you for your visit and for leaving a comment on my new website. I hope you downloaded your free PDF? Tulip widget.
      Yes, that photo was made on my 70th birthday in the garden. I look somehow pensive but no wonder with all the things that are happening in the world.
      You saw that Debbie came with a nice contribution? This is a flexible website that will grow with the help of everybody.
      The issue of vaccines is becoming crazier by the day. Personally I am against a Covid-19 injection as I do not trust it to be as presented.

      Regards, Taetske

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